Mind-Brain-Body-Society Lab

"The truth is the whole"

-Hegel, Preface to the Phenomenology of Spirit

MBBS lab is organised around two emerging themes in contemporary cognitive (neuro)science:

I. Different "descriptions" of cognition -at neural, behavioural, bodily, and social levels-are complementary to each other and individually offers only a partial explanation of the integrated whole. A comprehensive understanding of cognition depends on the analysis of the interactions among different levels of the organisation and the emergence of new properties at each level.

II. Cognition is an active process. It is not a mere (re)presentation of the "external" reality and depends on past experiences, prior expectations, and psychological and social contexts among other things.

We employ empirical methods (including behavioural measures and neuroimaging techniques), computational modelling, and theoretical analysis to address unresolved questions related to cognition. The lab has two main research foci: mental health and sensory perception.