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Published in peer-reviewed journals:

  1. Enhanced top-down sensorimotor processing in somatic anxiety

I Bouziane, M Das, KJ Friston, C Caballero-Gaudes, D Ray, 2022

  1. Altered effective connectivity in sensorimotor cortices is a signature of severity and clinical course in depression

D Ray, D Bezmaternykh, M Mel’nikov, KJ Friston, M Das, 2021

  1. Large-scale functional integration, rather than functional dissociation along dorsal and ventral streams, underlies visual perception and action

D Ray, N Hajare, D Roy, A Banerjee, 2020

  1. Distinct neurobehavioral mechanisms for expectancy violation and value updating

M Das, D Ray, 2018

  1. Neural substrate of group mental health: Insights from multi-brain reference frame in functional neuroimaging

D Ray, D Roy, B Sindhu, P Sharan, A Banerjee, 2017

  1. An evaluation of planarity of the spatial QRS loop by three dimensional vectorcardiography: its emergence and loss

D Ray, S Hazra, DP Goswami, PW Macfarlane, A Sengupta, 2017

Uploaded in pre-print server

  1. Synergistic balance of local segregation and global integration mechanisms in large-scale brain networks underlies perceptual experience

A Mukherjee, SS Singh, D Ray, P Raghunathan, A Banerjee, 2022